The 5 Best Pressure Washer Surface Cleaners to Buy in 2024

Pressure washers are a big help when you want to get rid of years of dirt and grime off your patio stones, but they have their limitations. A surface cleaner attachment will take your cleaning capabilities to the next level.

A good surface cleaner will allow you to clean a much larger surface area in a shorter amount of time.

best pressure washer surface cleaners reviewed

How We Picked Our Best Surface Cleaners

There are always a few key features you’ll want to look for when purchasing any product and a surface cleaner is no different. We had a few key areas we looked for in each one we reviewed.

Here are the main things we looked for as we searched for the best surface cleaners of 2024:

Surface Coverage

The first thing we looked for in a great cleaner was the area it covered with each pass. We were looking for a minimum of a 14-inch width surface coverage on each of our selections. If it didn’t meet this minimum standard it didn’t make the list. Our preference was for surface cleaners with a 15-inch cleaning surface.


The best surface cleaners are easy to move so that moving across the surface your cleaning isn’t a major chore. While the pressure of the water the device uses combined with bristles around the edge are usually enough to move around without much trouble – we also think it’s a bonus if the manufacturer included a set of wheels as well.

While the wheels can prevent you from getting into tight spaces, we don’t believe that’s a major issue. You can always use your pressure washer without the surface cleaner attached to finish up those areas.

Cleaning capability

If you’re buying a surface cleaner it has to have some impressive cleaning capability to be worthwhile. That’s why every machine we reviewed had dual high-pressure jets. These two jet systems ensure there’s always a constant high-pressure spray hitting the surface you’re cleaning.


You can pay a lot for a top-quality surface cleaner, but every one of the products in our reviews are priced under $150. We think that’s a good target for surface cleaners that will be used for tasks around the home. We haven’t included any commercial-grade machines on this list.

These are the best pressure washer surface cleaners of 2024:

  1. Twinkle Star 15″
  2. Beetro 15″
  3. Karcher 15″
  4. Edou 14″
  5. Lites 15″

Twinkle Star 15″

Twinkle Star 15-Inch Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner Image credit: Twinkle Star Check availability and price: Amazon

At just over $100 the Twinkle Star 15-inch pressure washer surface cleaner is a great choice for any home. Having started out with a small 1500 PSI pressure washer and no surface cleaner, I can say with certainty that this is a big upgrade if you find yourself making a similar switch.

It has a nice wide 15-inch surface area, three wheels for easy mobility and its stainless steel housing is built to last through many years of use. It also comes with a standard 1/4-inch connector and a built-in debris filter.

If you’re looking for a machine with tons of extras you won’t be disappointed. This Twinkle Star device includes two extension wands, two replacement nozzles, four o-rings and even a real of thread seal tape. It has everything you need to get started on all of those spring cleaning projects.

The only things we didn’t like were the weight at just over eight pounds, the placement of the wheels that prevent reaching in tight corners and you need a fairly powerful gas pressure washer to use it with.

  • Dual jets spin rapidly.
  • Breaks up dirt and grime up to five times faster than standard pressure washer.
  • Reduces cleaning time by up to 60 percent.
  • Durable stainless-steel body.
  • Built-in filter to prevent blockages.
  • Heavy at eight pounds.
  • Positioning of the wheels makes it hard to get tight to corners etc.

This Twinkle Star 15″ surface washer is a great machine. We love the wide cleaning surface and we think the wheels are worth it even if you can’t get in every tight corner because of them. It’s easy enough to use the power washer without the surface washer for any tight spaces left over.

Beetro 15″

Beetro 15-inch Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner Image credit: Beetro Check availability and price: Amazon

If you’re on a tight budget the Beetro 15″ model is a more than capable choice. It’s normally priced under $75 and you may even find it on sale for less.

So we were surprised to find such an affordable pressure washer surface cleaner with a 15-inch cleaning surface and dual high-pressure jets, but that’s what you’ll find on this Beetro model.

It also features tough flexible bristles to control overspray, a built-in filter screen, and a durable metal bearing. Its outer body is also durable, made from brass, stainless steel and hard composite materials.

They haven’t skimped on the accessories with this machine either. It comes with a pressure spray gun, two extension wands, a 1/4-inch quick plug and an M22-15 mm brass adaptor. You have everything you need to bring that old concrete driveway back to life.

The fact that you have to use an adaptor to connect a hose its a bit of a pain, but not a major problem. The fact that it doesn’t have wheels is a bigger issue and does make it more difficult to move around.

It’s also important to keep in mind that you do need at least a 2000 PSI pressure washer to use with this surface cleaner.

  • Works on both gas and electric pressure washers.
  • Filter screen prevents blockage impurities.
  • Includes safety trigger lock handle to prevent accidental overspray.
  • Will not connect directly to garden hose.
  • Uses bristles to move and can be a bit awkward to maneuver.
  • Minimum 2000 PSI machine required.

Beetro has done a good job building a great machine at a great price. We would have liked to have seen wheels, but it’s not a deal-breaker. Many of its higher-priced competitors come with fewer accessories so overall it’s a nice option and it gets the job done.

Karcher 15″

Karcher 15-inch Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner Attachment Image credit: Karcher Check availability and price: Amazon

The Karcher 15″ is another decent pressure washer surface cleaner at a surprisingly affordable price (under $75). The only reason we wouldn’t rate it as our top budget option is that it doesn’t come with really any extra accessories.

You get a good machine with a nice wide 15-inch surface distribution, two powerful spinning jets underneath for cleaning and it rotates at about 1500 rpms giving you plenty of power to cut through caked-on mold.

We just wish this surface cleaner also shipped with extra nozzles, wands, o-rings and other accessories like its competitors. This cleaner also lacks wheels and you have to be careful that the connector doesn’t work loose from vibration as you clean.

It is pretty lightweight though which is an advantage at just 3.8 pounds – it’s a major reason why it still makes our list even though extra parts are sold separately.

  • Affordable.
  • Easy to use.
  • Lightweight.
  • Two powerful spinning jets operating at 1500 RPM.
  • Max 3200 PSI — many competitors work up to 4000.
  • Only compatible with gas-powered washers.
  • Uses bristles, not wheels for moving.

This Karcher surface cleaner does have some limitations, but for the most part, we like it. You get the clean you’re looking for – it would just be better with the standard accessories that other machines come with. We do like its lightweight body though, which makes it easy to move around even without wheels.

Edou 14″

Edou 14-Inch Surface Cleaner Power Washer Accessory Image credit: Edou Check availability and price: Amazon

The Edou 14-inch pressure washer surface cleaner is another great choice in the under $100 price category. The 14-inch width is a little smaller than the other machine’s we’ve reviewed – so you will have to make a couple of more passes to complete a cleaning job.

Other than that it compares quite well to other surface cleaners with its stainless steel and brass body, wheels for easier manouvering, dual high-pressure jets, bristles to prevent overspray and a built-in debris filter.

With this Edou machine, you also get some great accessories. It comes with two replacement o-rings so that you can make sure you always have a tight seal without leaks. It also comes with two extension wands, two replacement nozzles and a nozzle cleaner.

It is a bit on the heavy side though at almost eight pounds which can make it more difficult to move. You may also find the filter clogs every so often, requiring you to stop what you’re doing to clean it out before you can resume cleaning.

  • 18-month warranty.
  • Works with any 1800 to 4000 PSI machines.
  • Highly mobile – 360-degree rotation.
  • Dome housing concentrates cleaning power on the surface.
  • Wheels extrude preventing easy access to tight areas.
  • A little heavy at eight pounds.
  • The filter clogs with frequent use.

We like this Edou surface cleaner. It’s a durable machine that will last for years, but we’d rate it higher if it had a wider cleaning surface area. We do like all the accessories though – it’s always a good idea to have some extra parts on hand to swap out quickly so you can keep cleaning with few interruptions.

Lites 15″

Lites 15-inch Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner Image credit: Lites Check availability and price: Amazon

If you can extend your budget just a bit the Lites 15-inch surface cleaner is a great machine in the $100 to $150 price range. Its combined steel and brass body make it extra durable and that extends to the steel casters that also happen to make it easy to move this surface cleaner around as you go.

Underneath you’ll find dual high-pressure jets that cut through just about any dirt, mold or grime you put in its path. It also has a bristle cushion all around the bottom that prevents spray from escaping.

This Lites surface cleaner comes with a comprehensive set of accessories as well. Out of the box, you get two extensions wands – that way you always have a backup available. There are two replacement nozzles as well and that’s a good thing because you will need to replace them every couple of years if you use the cleaner a lot.

That’s not all – the manufacturer also includes four replacement o-rings, a nozzle cleaner and a real of thread seal tape that helps to prevent water leakage.

There are a couple of potential issues you’ll want to consider before choosing this surface cleaner. It is a bit heavier than many similarly priced cleaners at nine pounds. You also have to be careful to dry your nozzles after every use or they will rust.

We were also disappointed with the warranty which only covers you for 12 months. You’ll want to make sure to test your surface cleaner as soon as possible after purchase to make sure there aren’t any issues while you’re still covered by warranty.

  • Works with pressure up to 4000 PSI.
  • Heavy-duty bearing built to last.
  • Tough flexible bristles.
  • Filter screen prevents blockages as you go.
  • Nozzles rust without proper care.
  • Only 12-month warranty.
  • On the heavy side at nine pounds.

The Lites 15-inch pressure washer surface cleaner has a lot going for it, but the short 12-month warranty is a concern. It is well built and you do get all of the necessary accessories right out of the box which is a big plus.

Most importantly, it does a good job cleaning outdoor flat surfaces, so overall we think this Lites cleaner is another good option to consider.

The Lites 15 inch Stainless Steel Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner has a lot going for it, but the short 12-month warranty is a concern. It is well built and you do get all of the necessary accessories right out of the box which is a big plus. Most importantly, it does a good job cleaning outdoor flat surfaces, so overall we think this Lites cleaner is another good option to consider.

Our Final Verdict

One major takeaway we found while doing these reviews is that you can find a great surface cleaner attachment for your power washer at a reasonable price.

Our top choice was the Twinkle Star 15-inch pressure washer surface cleaner, but all of the ones we reviewed have some great features and will make any outdoor surface cleaning task easier.