The Best Shelving to Organize Your Garage Space in 2024

It’s a lot easier to use your garage as a workspace if it’s well organized and free from clutter. Even if you use your garage as more of a storage room and a place to park your car, you’ll still want to keep it organized to get the most out of your space.

best garage shelves to organize space

One of the best ways to approach this problem is by adding extra storage in the form of cabinets and shelving. If you’re looking for some great ideas and options for the best shelving to organize your garage space keep reading for our top 7 choices.

These are the Best Garage Shelves and Storage Systems:

1. Amazon Basics Heavy-Duty Shelving

Amazon Basics 4-Shelf Adjustable Heavy-Duty Shelving Unit Image credit: Amazon Basics Check availability and price: Amazon

Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best solutions and that’s why the Amazon Basics 4-shelf adjustable steel organizer wire rack made our list. This is a bare-bones and affordable basic shelving unit that gets the job done.

It has a maximum weight capacity of 350 pounds for each shelf and its sturdy construction effectively prevents items from falling. Perhaps best of all this shelving unit can be put together in minutes without any extra tools.

If you’re looking for shelving for storing small items though, this may not be the best unit for you. The racking shelves do feature large gaps that smaller items can fall through.

This is also a free-standing unit so you may need to secure it to the wall using separately sold brackets to prevent it from tipping over.

  • Affordable.
  • Max capacity 350 pounds per shelf.
  • Sturdy steel construction.
  • No extra tools needed for assembly.
  • Not suitable for small-item storage.
  • Potential for tipping if not secured.

The Amazon Basics 4-shelf adjustable heavy-duty shelving unit is a great option for storing your larger garage items. It’s easy to assemble and it can handle a lot of weight.

It’s best to avoid storing small items on it though and you should probably secure it to the wall if you are storing heavy items on it. This is a great choice for a garage shelving unit priced under $100.

2. Fleximounts Wall Shelves

Fleximounts floating garage shelves Image credit: Fleximounts Check availability and price: Amazon

If you prefer shelving that doesn’t take up any floor space then we strongly recommend you take a close look at Fleximounts floating garage shelves. These are metal garage shelves that attach to your wall using four sturdy brackets for extra support. You do have to be careful to secure them properly to the wall though to get the most of them.

They’re actually some of the best garage shelving in terms of overall weight capacity – each shelf can hold up to 200 pounds. Assembly is also simple, with each shelf attached to the wall individually.

Perhaps the biggest drawback to these shelves other than the need to securely anchor them to the wall is their steel cage-like design. You’ll need to use these for storing larger items or place a solid piece of board along each shelf to cover the holes.

  • No floor space required.
  • 200-pound capacity per shelf .
  • Sturdy steel construction.
  • Easy to mount.
  • Have to be anchored to the wall securely.
  • Cage like design leaves large gaps.

The large gaps in these steel shelves isn’t a major issue for most garage storage needs. As long as you’re able to securely anchor these shelves to the wall you should get years of solid use out of them.

With a 200-pound capacity and sturdy steel construction, these are easily one of the best options for floating garage shelves on the market today.

3. Fleximounts Overhead Storage Racks

Fleximounts overhead garage storage racks Image credit: Fleximounts Check availability and price: Amazon

When space is really at a premium in your garage, overhead garage storage rack shelving can be a great solution. This allows you to take advantage of space in your garage that would otherwise be unused.

One of the best garage shelves in this category is the Fleximount overhead storage rack. When properly secured to your garage ceiling these shelves are capable of handling up to 600 pounds in weight. They’re a great option for less frequently used items that you want to store out of the way until needed.

Probably the biggest issue with these overhead shelves is that the mounting brackets and frame can be difficult to install – you’ll get a bit of a shoulder workout as you install them.

Also, you’ll need to make sure you find a spot that’s out of the way of heavy traffic areas to avoid accidental head injuries if you have taller people in your household.

  • Take advantage of overhead space.
  • Sturdy steel construction.
  • 600 pound capacity per shelf.
  • Difficult to install.
  • Can get in the way of tall people.

When looking for any issues with these shelves there wasn’t anything major to indicate these aren’t a great option for your garage.

Yes, they can be a bit difficult to install, but once they’re up they have great weight capacity. You just have to make sure you watch your head when you’re in the garage.

4. Juggernaut Storage Resin Shelving

Juggernaut Storage resin shelving Image credit: Juggernaut Storage Check availability and price: Amazon

In the past plastic shelving had a reputation for cheap construction and was only usually considered as a secondary option. These days you can find some great shelves for your garage that are made from sturdy plastic resins.

The Juggernaut Storage resin shelving are a great example. These are free-standing 5-shelf units that take seconds to assemble and can hold a fair amount of weight. They’re ideal for smaller items such as cleaning supplies, less used footwear and similar types of items.

These shelves aren’t meant for your large heavy garage items with just 150 pound capacity per shelf. You also have to make sure you have enough room along your walls for them as they are free-standing and do take up some floor space.

It\s difficult to secure them to the wall as well, but they are surprisingly sturdy so this shouldn’t be a major issue.

  • Freestanding.
  • Take seconds to assemble.
  • 5 shelves per unit.
  • Sturdy construction.
  • Max shelf capacity is 150 pounds.
  • Difficult to secure to the wall.

If you’re not comfortable working with tools to secure shelves to your garage walls, these freestanding resin units are the ideal solution. They’re easy to assemble and they’re nice and sturdy.

They don’t have the greatest weight capacity per shelf at just 150 pounds, but for smaller items such as cleaning supplies and paint products, they’re a great option.

5. Amazon Basics Wheeled Shelving

Amazon Basics shelving unit on wheels Image credit: Amazon Basics Check availability and price: Amazon

If you’re searching for heavy-duty garage shelving that also happens to be on wheels for moving around your garage you’ll want to take a look at the Amazon Basics heavy-duty metal organizer with 3-inch wheel casters.

They’re great for items you may want to move around or if you’re constantly rearranging your space to suit changing needs – instead of tearing everything off your shelves, you can just move the shelves! With four shelves you can fit plenty of items on this unit.

Easily the biggest criticism we have for this shelving unit is its limited weight capacity. The wheel casters limit you to just 110 pounds per shelf and just 88 pounds if the unit is in motion.

You also have to be careful to lock the casters after moving the shelves for any reason or you may find yourself dealing with a bit of a mess if the unit is knocked into accidentally.

  • Heavy-duty metal construction.
  • Set on wheels for mobility.
  • 4 separate shelves.
  • Castors lock in place.
  • Limited to just 88 pounds per shelf when in motion.
  • Can be easily tipped if casters are not locked.

There are plenty of other options if extra weight capacity is what you need in a garage shelving unit, but if you need something that can easily be moved around when needed the Amazon Basics wheeled storage unit is a good choice.

It’s sturdy and built to last with tons of storage space for lighter items.

6. Sterilite 5-Shelf Unit

Sterilite 5-shelf garage storage unit Image credit: Sterilite Check availability and price: Amazon

One of the best resin-based garage shelving units on the market today is the Sterilite 5-shelf unit. Each shelf quickly slots into the one below, giving you a simple and reliable shelving option in seconds.

You can rely on each shelf to hold up to 200 pounds of garage items without any issues. These shelves are nice and durable as well holding up to plenty of punishment giving you many years of useable life.

As with most plastic shelving, you do have to be careful not to knock these over as they weigh just 25 pounds making them somewhat vulnerable.

It can be a bit tricky trying to secure these shelves to a wall as well as you can’t drill into the legs, so if you do want to secure them to a wall you’ll have to use brackets sold separately.

  • 5 shelves.
  • Sturdy and durable resin construction.
  • Quick assembly.
  • Long-lasting.
  • Lightweight can easily be knocked over.
  • Hard to secure to wall.

These Sterilite shelving units are without a doubt some of the best freestanding resin shelves you’ll find anywhere. They’re durable and sturdy with good weight capacity for resin shelves.

Their lightweight construction may leave you vulnerable to potential spills, but as long as you’re careful you’ll find these shelves reliable and you’ll get years of use out of them.

7. Mythinglogic Garden Tool Organizer

Mythinglogic garden tool organizer for garage Image credit: Mythinglogic Check availability and price: Amazon

In searching for the best garage shelving we felt it was important to include at least one example of a unit built with all those garden tools in mind. We found the perfect solution in the Mythinglogic garden tool organizer.

For such a small piece of equipment, it can hold a ton of your favorite garden tools such as rakes, shovels, hoes and trimmers on its sturdy steel shelves. The racks can store a lot of your cleaning materials as well giving you a surprising amount of storage space.

The wheel casters make it easy to move the unit around as well making it easy to take it outside with you for easy access while working in the yard.

If you’re looking for something with major weight capacity though this isn’t your ideal option. It will hold a couple of hundred pounds worth of tools at best and you do have to be careful not to overload one side as this can make it easy to tip if you nudge it and set the wheels in motion.

  • Easily stores garden tools.
  • Sturdy steel shelves.
  • Conventional shelves included.
  • Wheel casters for mobility.
  • Can be prone to tipping.
  • Max weight capacity is limited.

If you don’t mind extending your budget a bit the Mythinglogic garden tool organizer is one of the best options for easy garden tool storage.

You can get plenty of garden tools on this unit, although you’ll want to try to keep it well balanced and avoid using it for your heavier tools. For items such as rakes, shovels, and trimmers it’s a great storage choice.

Better Storage Solutions

There’s no reason to have a cluttered and disorganized garage anymore with all of the great storage options we’ve reviewed above.

No matter what your own unique needs are you should find a great option in these reviews to clear out your garage space – even if taking advantage of the overhead space in your garage is your only feasible option.

This could be the year you can finally start using all of that newly discovered floor space in your garage for those DIY projects you’ve been waiting to get started on.

With the right garage shelving solutions, you can quickly and easily transform your garage into a more useable space for years to come.