The 5 Best 10-Inch Miter Saws in 2024

The range of quality miter saws available today is impressive and we’re going to take a closer look at 10-inch saws in this product category.

best 10-inch miter saws
Image credit: Ryobi

There’s a lot to choose from, but we’re going to make your decision easier with comprehensive reviews of the top choices available.

Here are our picks for the best 10-inch miter saws in 2024:

1. Delta Cruzer 10″

We found that there were a lot of reasons to like this Delta 10-inch Cruzer. This is a competent machine that’s ideal if you’re looking for your first miter saw. The alignment of the bevel can be a little tricky and it is a little on the heavy side, but overall, this is a good miter saw for beginners.

Delta 10-Inch Dual Bevel Sliding Compound Cruzer Miter Saw 26-2241 Image credit: Delta Check availability and price: Amazon

When we found the Delta Cruzer 10-inch sliding miter saw we realized it ticked a lot of the boxes we were looking for. It’s affordable and it’s a dual bevel machine with seven positive bevel stops powered by a 15-amp motor.

They’ve also kept safety front and center in its design as well, including a miter detergent override, a blade brake and a safety shadow guide to keep your cuts well positioned and on track.

Other highlights worth mentioning include a large modded trigger system for easy use, one handed front miter controls and a 16-inch crosscut capacity.

On the not so positive side, on this machine it can be difficult to align the bevel properly. We also found it was difficult to keep the dust under control while using this blade.

It is also a little on the heavy side at about 55 pounds so it may not be the best bet if you want something that’s mobile ready.

  • 16-inch crosscut capacity.
  • Blade brake system.
  • Shadow line for accuracy.
  • Dual bevel system.
  • Bevel can be difficult to align.
  • Dust control issues.
  • Heavy at 55 pounds.

2. Ryobi TS1346

For a miter saw priced under $150, the Ryobi TS1346 offers amazing value. It’s one of the best 10-inch miter saws on the market with some great features such as an LED laser guide for cuts, adjustable bevel and it comes with a dust collection bag. It may take a bit of an adjustment to get the angle cuts accurate, but it can be done.

Ryobi TS1346 10-Inch Compound Miter Saw Image credit: Ryobi Check availability and price: Amazon

Ryobi has developed a reputation as one of the most reliable names when it comes to power equipment and the Ryobi TS1346 10-inch compound miter saw doesn’t disappoint. It operates at 5500 RPMs which spins the 24-tooth carbide-tipped blade.

A dust collection bag is included with purchase and it has an adjustable bevel between 0 and 45 degrees. Changing blades is a breeze as well with the spindle lock single wrench blade system.

We were a little disappointed with the 3-year standard warranty it comes with which is a little underwhelming. Also, we struggled a bit with angled cuts as the plastic ditch can get in the way. You may also notice that some dust does escape the bag as you cut.

  • LED laser guide.
  • Operates at 5500 RPMs.
  • 24-tooth carbide-tipped blade.
  • Includes dust collection bag.
  • Adjustable bevel.
  • Warranty limited to 3-years.
  • Issues with angle cuts occasionally.
  • Dust may escape collection bag.

3. ShopMaster S26-263L

We like the ShopMaster S26-263L with its great price tag. This is a capable saw that gets the job done. The warranty could be better, but it’s close to the industry average. It has decent power and it does come with a laser-guided cutting system.

Delta ShopMaster S26-263L 10-Inch Compound Sliding Miter Saw Image credit: ShopMaster by Delta Check availability and price: Amazon

You don’t have to save up for months for one of the best 10-inch miter saws available. The ShopMaster S26-263L is our sleeper pick with great features priced well under $200.

It has a powerful 15-amp motor, a laser guiding system and a versatile adjustable bevel. For safety, it also comes equipped with a secure spindle lock system that holds the blade in place while you work and an electric drake that stops the blade quickly when the switch is released.

For such an affordable product we didn’t run into a lot of issues. It is a corded saw so you will need an available power outlet to use it. Also, the warranty is no more than average at 3-years. Some users also find the clamp tends to ride up if not secured tightly so you have to watch for this carefully as you work.

  • Priced under $200.
  • Powerful 15-amp motor.
  • Laser guiding system.
  • Adjustable bevel.
  • Secure spindle lock system.
  • Limited to a 3-year warranty.
  • Clamp can work loose.

4. Skil MS6305

For a reasonably priced miter saw the Skil MS6305 is a good choice for beginners and experienced woodworkers. It has all of the standard features you’d expect such as an adjustable dual bevel system laser-guided shadow line and a bag for dust collection. It isn’t the most powerful machine at 4800 RPMs, but it will handle most jobs you throw at it.

Skil MS6305-00 10-Inch Dual Bevel Sliding Miter Saw Image credit: Skil Check availability and price: Amazon

What’s not to like about the Skil MS6305 10-inch dual-bevel sliding compound miter saw? It’s reasonably priced and it comes with all of the standard features you’d expect.

It uses a 0 to 45-degree dual bevel system, it’s equipped with a dust collection bag and it has an LED shadow line for clean cuts each time.

This saw also has a slide rail system for greater accuracy and the horizontal grip handle makes it easy to use with either your right or left hand.

This Skil saw only operates at 4800 RPMs so you may notice it doesn’t power through cuts as quickly as some of its competitors. It is also a corded model and that means you need to have power nearby at all times or a lengthy extension cord at the least.

  • Dual bevel system.
  • Dust collection bag included.
  • LED shadow line for clean cuts.
  • Slide rail system for cutting accuracy.
  • Horizontal grip handle.
  • Corded power supply.

5. Wen MM1011

While the Wen MM1011 isn’t packed full of features like some of it’s more expensive competitors, it does have pretty much everything you need to make some great cuts. We love the extras such as the table extensions and the inclusion of the dust bag.

WEN MM1011 10-Inch Single Bevel Compact Sliding Compound Miter Saw Image credit: Wen Check availability and price: Amazon

The Wen MM1011 10-inch miter saw is a great all around option if you’re looking for an affordable machine with the features you need to get the job done. This is a single bevel compound miter saw with a laser guided shadow line for accuracy.

It’s powered by a 15-amp motor and capable of handling wood up to 12 inches wide without any difficulty. You also get two table extensions in the box, a clamp assembly and a dust bag. With these accessories you’re well equipped for most jobs where a miter saw is needed.

We do have a couple of issues with this model. First, the blade uses a 40-tooth design which will create a much rougher finish than many of its competitors with finer blades. Also, this model comes with a mediocre two-year warranty, so you’ll want to be careful to take good care of it after that small window expires.

  • Affordable.
  • Laser guided shadow line.
  • 15-amp motor.
  • Two table extensions and clamp.
  • Dust bag included.
  • Rougher cut 40-tooth blade.
  • Limited 2-year warranty.


It was tough to decide on our favorite overall 10-inch miter saw although we do like the power and cutting power of the Ryobi TS1346.

In truth, any of the products we’ve reviewed here will make a great addition to a workshop or home garage tool collection. There’s never been such a wide variety of choices in the 10-inch miter saw market as there is now.

For more great options, check out our picks of the best beginner miter saws for DIY home projects and the best 12-inch sliding compound miter saws available.