The 8 Best Welding Gloves (2024 Reviews)

We’re going to look at the best welding gloves of 2024 and why they’re such an important part of a welders uniform. Some occupations require a lot more risk to your health and safety than others and welding is one of them. When you’re operating a torch at hundreds or thousands of degrees you need something to protect you from the intense heat and potential exposure to hot, sharp, metal objects.

best welding gloves

In this article, we’ll cover some of the best options for the different types of welding methods in use today. In our welding glove reviews, we’ll look at the overall quality of the glove and we’ll also identify which type of welding it’s best for.

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1. Black Stallion GM1611

The best overall welding gloves

Overall, we think the Black Stallion GM1611 is a great glove. The combination of affordability, heat resistant technology and flexibility are a great overall package. While we would like to see the gloves a bit longer and a little more flexible in some areas, these aren’t major flaws. If you’re in the market for a great set of MIG welding gloves these Revco gloves are a great choice.

Revco Black Stallion GM1611 Cowhide MIG Gloves Image credit: Black Stallion Check Amazon

Price isn’t a major consideration when deciding on the best welding glove for your needs – there is a bit of a range but most gloves on the market are affordable. The Black Stallion GM1611 gloves for example are priced around $25 and they’re our choice for best overall welding gloves in 2024. They combine the best of both comfort and utility in one package.

Several features made the GM1611 standout for us. These gloves are made from the best quality cowhide and the thumb and index fingers are reinforced for extra protection as these are the areas that tend to be the most exposed when welding. They are also Kevlar reinforced for extra heat resistance without sacrificing the flexibility needed for precision welding. The interior is lined with cotton for comfort.

There are a couple of potential concerns with these gloves. The first issue we had was the length of the gloves – they’re a little on the short side. We’d like to see the length extended a bit to protect a bit more of the forearm. The other issue we had was that some of the extra padding does detract from the flexibility of this glove. For welders engaged in fine detailed work, they may find these ones aren’t ideal.

  • Priced around $25.
  • made from quality cowhide.
  • Kevlar reinforced for heat resistance.
  • Cotton interior for comfort.
  • Gloves would provide better protection if longer.
  • Extra padding in some areas reduces flexibility.

2. Caiman Kontour 1878

The best gloves for Stick welding

We believe that the Caiman Kontour 1878 gloves are the best stick welding gloves on the market today. They use a combination of different leathers to provide the best possible heat protection while maintaining flexibility for the user. We would have rated them even better if they had included modern technologies such as Kevlar for added protection from gouges and heat. They’re still a great set of gloves at a price we think most welders can live with.

Caiman Kontour 1878 Welding Gloves Image credit: Caiman Check Amazon

If you’re looking for a great pair of stick welding gloves in 2024 you won’t find anything better than the Caiman Kontour 1878 gloves. They may be a little costlier than some of their competitors, but they’re still priced under $40, so they’ll easily fit into most shop spending budgets.

Caiman has thought about every little detail in designing these gloves. They’re extra long to cover most of the forearm and yet they’re still lightweight and comfortable. The manufacturer has used deerskin in the palm area which makes them nice and supple. Boarhide is also used on the back as an extra layer of heatshield protection. The finger and palm area also have a double layer of padding for comfort and protection. Inside the glove, they use an aerofoam layer for extra comfort.

For some, the extra length of these gloves may be a bit of hindrance to performance. They will cover most of your arm and that reduces your flexibility somewhat. We were also surprised to see that no extra heat shielding technology such as Kevlar are used in these gloves.

  • Priced around $40.
  • Combination of Deerskin and Cowhide.
  • Gloves cover the entire forearm.
  • Aerofoam used in the interior for comfort.
  • Length of gloves can hinder flexibility.
  • No Kevlar or other heat shielding technology.

3. Dewalt Premium Gloves

The best gloves for MIG welding

Overall, the Dewalt Premium gloves are a great pair of MIG welding gloves with more than adequate heat shielding. We would have preferred if they were a bit longer, but they do provide great protection for the hands. The Kevlar stitching is a great feature and we were happy to see the extra padding in the palms, thumbs and index fingers.

Dewalt DXMF02051 Premium MIG Welding Gloves Image credit: Dewalt Check Amazon

If you’ve been searching for the best MIG welding gloves available in 2024, Dewalt’s Premium welding gloves clearly fit the bill. They’re a great pair of gloves that easily live up to the Dewalt reputation for toughness and durability. With a price tag around $40-45, they won’t require extra funds in the budget either.

When we think of buffalo, we think of strong, proud and tough animals roaming the unforgiving northern plains. That toughness is why Dewalt used buffalo leather in the palm of their design. It provides much-needed protection from the heat while you weld, with enough flexibility to be able to use these gloves in most situations. For added heat and cut resistance, Kevlar has also been included in the stitching of these gloves. Extra padding has also been included around the palm, thumb and index finger.

One thing that did give us cause for concern in the design of these gloves was their relatively short design. They will not cover most of your forearm while you weld leaving the area exposed to sparks or flying objects. We should also mention that these gloves are not insulated, so they’re not ideal for use outside in cold weather.

  • Priced around $40.
  • Buffalo hide used in palm.
  • Kevlar stitching throughout.
  • Extra padding in palms, thumbs and index fingers.
  • Gloves will not cover your forearms.
  • Not insulated for use in cold weather.

4. Longevity Welding Armor

The best gloves for TIG welding

We think the Longevity Welding Armor gloves are a great pair of TIG welding gloves at a price that’s hard to beat. The kidskin makes them extra flexible and the straight thumb design is ideal for better control. The lack of any extra interior lining is a bit disappointing, but they’re still a great glove well worth the investment.

Longevity Welding Armor TIG Plasma Cutting Gloves 880391 Image credit: Longevity Check Amazon

The best TIG welding gloves combine protection from heat and maximum flexibility. That’s what you get with Longevity’s Welding Armor gloves. The slogan on their wrist says it all – “The power to last”. These gloves may feel nice and soft to the touch, but they offer all of the protection you need if you’re a TIG welder. They also happen to be priced around $20 which makes them ideal if you’re on a tight budget.

These Welding Arlor gloves are made from soft Kidskin leather which makes them extra comfortable and highly flexible. They feature a 4-inch cuff that provides extra protection around the wrist area. Longevity’s also included a straight thumb design for great control and a better grip while welding.

If you are seriously considering these gloves for your next welding project it’s important to know that they don’t have any extra lining inside. Longevity argues that this makes them more flexible, but it also makes them a bit less comfortable than some of their competitors. You also won’t get full arm protection when wearing these gloves – they’re designed to protect the hands and the wrists and that’s about it.

  • Priced around $20.
  • Uses soft and flexible kidskin leather.
  • 4-inch cuff for extra wrist protection.
  • Straight thumb design for better control.
  • No extra lining inside.
  • Gloves only protect hands and wrist.

5. Ozero Heat Resistant Gloves

The best leather gloves on a budget

If you’re looking for a truly traditional pair of leather welding gloves then the Ozero Heat Resistant gloves fit the bill. They’re thick enough to provide heat protection at more than 900 degrees Fahrenheit. They also provide enough protection to keep your whole arm safe. Their design is a little stiff so you may want to avoid precision welding with these gloves, but they’re a good option under $20.

Ozero Heat Resistant Protection Welding Gloves Image credit: Ozero Check Amazon

Modern welding gloves employ a variety of materials to protect welders from extreme heat and hot flying debris, but leather continues to be widely used and effective. The natural hides of animals such as buffalo, cows and goats are designed to be tough and stand up to extremes of both cold and heat – they provide similar protection when used in welding gloves. That’s why it should come as no surprise that an all-leather welding gloves is one of our top choices for 2024. Ozero’s Heat Resistant welding gloves are our choice as best leather welding gloves of 2024.

These Ozero gloves are made from a genuine leather cowhide exterior, followed by a layer of air-isolated aluminum for extra heat protection and insulated cotton for comfort. They have an extra-long sleeve at 14.5 inches to protect most of the arm and the fingers and thumb contain extra padding. At 1.2 mm thick they have enough layers of protection to protect the user from temperatures up to 932 degrees Fahrenheit.

While these gloves do provide great protection from the heat they aren’t the most flexible on the market. Their stiff feel will make precision welding difficult and awkward. They’re also not the most durable gloves we’ve reviewed – with extensive use you will notice the stitching start to fail over time.

  • Priced under $20.
  • Genuine leather cowhide exterior.
  • 14.5-inch sleeve for arm protection.
  • Extra aluminum layer for heat resistance.
  • Stiff, inflexible design.
  • Not the most durable.

6. Intra-Fit TIG Welding Gloves

Standout lightweight gloves

If a lightweight flexible design is important to you then the Intra-Fit TIG welding gloves are a great choice. They’re designed to handle the occasional spark well with their Nomex back for protection. It would be better if they had better heat shielding, but these are a great find for the price.

Intra-Fit TIG Welding Gloves Image credit: Intra-Fit Check Amazon

When it comes to lightweight welding gloves with a nice snug fit, the Intra-Fit TIG welding gloves are our pick for best lightweight welding gloves of 2024. You’d be forgiven for mistaking these gloves for a slick pair of welding gloves with their appealing modern design, but they are an effective pair of lightweight welding gloves in reality.

Thee gloves are made from premium goatskin which gives them their lightweight and flexible feel. The designer has also included a spark-resistant Nomex back to protect the welder from flying sparks while they work. On top of that, they’ve also used Kevlar stitching to make the seems durable and resistant to cuts and abrasions. There’s also a wrist strap to enable the wearer to create a better seal around the wrist.

Our biggest criticism of these gloves is that they’re short – they won’t The provide any protection for the forearm area. We also found that they didn’t do nearly as well at providing protection from heat that some of its competitors do.

  • Priced under $30.
  • Made from premium goatskin.
  • Lightweight and flexible.
  • Nomex backing and Kevlar stitching.
  • Short – no arm protection.
  • Not great heat resistance.

7. Rapicca Forge Welding Gloves

The most heat-resistant gloves

We were impressed with the Rapicca Forge welding gloves. With their layer after layer of protection and their 16-inch length, it wasn’t hard choosing these as our most heat resistant welding gloves of 2024. They didn’t make it as our favorites overall because of their stiff design and their lack of durability, but that doesn’t alter the fact that they’re a great pair of welding gloves.

Rapicca Forge Leather Welding Gloves Image credit: Rapicca Check Amazon

If you’re looking for a heat resistant solution that will cover your arms as well as your hands our choice is the Rapicca Forge welding gloves. Priced under $20 and designed for use in TIG welding and MIG welding applications, these Rapicca gloves are a great bargain for welders of any experience level.

One of the first things that caught our attention when we discovered these gloves were there length. At 16 inches long, they’re easily the longest gloves we reviewed for our 2024 welding glove review section. That translates into full arm protection for the welder. When you combine that with the different layers of protection in this glove you have an effective design for heat resistance. Just under the surface leather, there’s a reinforced Kevlar layer, followed by a flame-retardant cotton layer and an air-isolated aluminum foil layer.

With all of these extra layers of protection, you do lose a bit of flexibility. These Rapicca gloves do have a stiff feel to them and that can impede your welding technique if you’re working on an intricate job. We also found that they’re not the most durable gloves over time. You will notice some wear and tear after about 6 months of steady use.

  • Priced under $20.
  • 16-inch length covers most of the arm.
  • Extra layers of protection including Kevlar and aluminum.
  • Extreme heat resistant.
  • Stiff – not very flexible.
  • Not very durable.

8. Lincoln Electric KH641

The best bargain gloves worth buying in 2024

For an inexpensive option, the Lincoln Electric KH64 is a great find. They’re a nice flexible glove with a long 13.5-inch gauntlet for extra protection. It would be nice if they had some extra layers of protection, but that would likely raise the price. Overall, we thought these welding gloves were the best bargain option on the market in 2024.

Lincoln Electric KH641 Gray Welding Gloves Image credit: Lincoln Electric Check Amazon

When you’re looking for a pair of welding gloves that are both effective and affordable there aren’t many great options. That’s what makes the Lincoln Electric KH641 gloves such a rare find at just around $10. At that price, they’ll fit into any budget, but the best part is they’re still a great pair of welding gloves for both amateurs and professionals.

These are made from genuine leather for heat resistance and these gauntlet-style gloves are 13.5-inches long to protect more than just your hands. They feature double stitching around the fingers and thumbs to resist cuts and tears, but they’re still soft and flexible to make it easier to handle your welding torch while you work.

What you don’t get with these inexpensive gloves are extra layers of protection from modern materials such as Kevlar, Nomax, aluminum or even a cotton lining for comfort. We also found them to be a little loose fitting which can make it harder to get a proper grip on your project. You’ll also find that these gloves don’t last as long as some of the more expensive options on the market.

  • Priced just around $10.
  • 13.5-inch gauntlet covers a large section of the arm.
  • Double stitching around fingers and thumbs.
  • Soft and flexible.
  • No extra layers such as Kevlar or aluminum.
  • Loose-fitting – may affect grip.

Main Features To Look For In Welding Gloves


The best quality welding gloves are made from the thick leather found on the hide of animals such as goats, elk pigs and cows. This area is smooth and tough, making it an ideal protective material for welders.

Heat Resistance

The thickness of leather plays a roll in safety by creating a thick barrier between your skin and the welding torch. It’s also a heat resistant material, so it soaks up a lot of the heat off the torch and helps to prevent burns to the welder’s skin.

Cut Resistant

The best welding gloves are also cut resistant. That thick tough leather can be hit with a sharp piece of metal with barley a scratch left on the surface. In some modern designs you’re now seeing Kevlar and Carbon Fiber used because of their ability to withstand extreme conditions.

Flexibility And Comfort

Goatskin is the most flexible natural leather used in welding gloves, but it’s not as tough as other options such as cowhide and so it can be cut much easier. The use of new Carbon Fibers, Kevlar and even thin aluminum is allowing manufacturers to make welding gloves that fit snuggly, are heat resistant and cut resistant, but still extremely flexible. You’re always looking to strike the right balance between flexibility and comfort.

There’s no shortage of great choices for welding gloves in 2024. We’ve reviewed a wide range of products made from a range of different materials and they’re all great options. Overall though, we felt the Black Stallion GM1611 gloves were the best available on the market in 2024. They’re comfortable, heat resistant and affordable. They didn’t stand out by a wide margin thought – any one of the gloves we’ve reviewed in this article will provide a nice combination of comfort and protection for both amateur and professional welders.

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