Best Robotic Lawn Mower 2020 Buying Guide & Robotic Lawn Mower Reviews

Best Robotic Lawn Mower 2020 Buying Guide & Robotic Lawn Mower Reviews

The first time I saw a robot lawn mower I was taken aback by how efficient it could make our lives.

Just imagine sitting back and drinking a glass of lemonade while enjoying a warm summer day, watching a robot cut your lawn.

best robotic lawn mower - guide

Nothing could be quite as satisfying as that – except for maybe a nice flight to somewhere tropical, but that’s beside the point.

It might surprise you to learn that you now have a lot of options.

With that in mind I decided to put together a comprehensive page on the best robotic lawn mowers.

You’ll find two basic sections here:

  • a buying guide that describes some of the major features of these little mowers,
  • individual robotic lawn mower reviews of some of the best choices available to you.

One thing you’ll notice is that all of the mowers we review look very similar, but how they perform may be quite different.

Some of them do well on hills and some of them don’t, some let you take over the controls with a remote control and others don’t – the point is that just because they may look similar, don’t make the mistake of assuming they are.

Think about what’s important to you before you make your purchase and then take a look at our reviews to find the right model for you.

Best Robotic Lawn Mower 2020 Buying Guide

If you are serious about making the switch to a robot lawn mower, there are a few terms that you should be familiar with first.

That’s why we put together this simple buying guide section so that you know exactly what type of features may be available to you.

1. Pre-Programmed

All robot lawn mowers have some kind of built in programming, otherwise they wouldn’t work, but the best ones have the ability to learn as they cut.

Each time they cut your lawn they become more familiar with their surrounding allowing them to optimize their routine.

These mowers may cost a little more, but it’s probably worth paying the extra in the long run.

2. Can it Handle Hills?

If you’ve ever tried to push a lawn mower up a hill you know how difficult this can be.

Unfortunately, there are some robot lawn mowers that find it a bigger struggle than you do.

It’s important to pay attention to the literature when you’re looking at a robot mower, as they almost always specify how much of an incline they can handle.

3. How Does it Work with Obstacles?

Some lawns are laid out in a nice simple open square, but most aren’t.

If your lawns anything like mine it probably has a few garden islands that set up little obstacles for a lawn mower.

A good robot lawnmower has to be able to navigate around any obstacles thrown in its way and some are better at this than others.

This is something you should definitely pay close attention to when looking for the best robotic lawn mower.

4. How Well Does it Cut?

Robots are cool little gadgets, but remember in this case they’re supposed to do a good job of cutting your lawn as well.

If your mower gets bogged down because you’ve let your grass get a little longer than normal, it’s not of much use to you.

When making robot lawn mower comparisons don’t forget to consider how good it is at cutting in more adverse conditions.

5. Does it Automatically Return to Base?

The best robot lawnmowers do just about everything by themselves.

They leave their base on a set schedule and when they’re done cutting the lawn, need to charge, or if they detect rain they will automatically return to their base.

They all claim to do this, but some aren’t very good at it. All of the models we review here do this very well.

6. Does it Have Remote Control Backup?

No matter how good the programming is, even the best automatic lawn mower will come up against some challenges that cause it to stall once in a while.

That’s why some of the best ones also come with a remote control, or a remote control app, that allow you to take over when necessary.

7. Safety Blades

The last thing anyone wants to see is an injury to a curious child or pet lifting up the robot lawnmower while it’s running around the lawn – those blades can potentially cause some serious injuries.

Almost all robot lawnmowers are designed to automatically shut down when someone lifts them up, but be sure that the one you’re buying does before you go through with your purchase.

Best Robotic Lawn Mower Reviews

Hopefully you found our buying guide helpful. Before we dive into the reviews, it’s important to point out that robot lawnmowers simply aren’t for everyone.

If you have a large lawn it might be better to consider a riding lawn mower.

If you’re confident that a robot lawn mower is right for you then take a look at our robotic lawn mower reviews below for some of the best choices on the market.

WORX Landroid WG794

If you’re a home owner there’s a good chance you have, or have had in the past, some kind of outdoor power equipment made by Worx.

It’s one of the most recognized names in the yard work industry, so it’s probably not a surprise that they have an entry in the robot lawn mower category as well.

The Worx Landroid WG79 is a great product that’s well worth a closer look.

WORX Landroid Robotic Lawn Mower

This mower comes preprogrammed out of the box, but you have the ability to fully customize its schedule to suit yours.

You can program it to cut the lawn any time of the day or night and on whatever day you like.

You can even set it up to cut the lawn while you sleep if you prefer!

Hills won’t present any kind of problem for this mower, as long as they’re no more than a 20 degree incline, which will work nicely for most lawns.

The Worx Landroid simply keeps on going right up that hill.

It’s also environmentally friendly, so even though it’s working a little harder on the hills it still produces zero emissions.

WORX Landroid 28-volt WG794

It does have a bit of a reputation for shutting down at strange moments from time to time, but for the most part it works as advertised.

You should also be aware that you have to set up a perimeter wire so that this mower knows its boundaries.

Other than that there are no serious issues with this mower.


  • Preprogrammed out of the box
  • Adjustable schedule to suit yours
  • Works on hills up to 20 degree angles
  • Zero emissions


  • Shuts down unexpectedly from time to time
  • You have to set up a perimeter wire for it to work

The Worx Landroid WG79 is the real deal. This mower will do a great job on most average size lawns and it even does a great job on hills.

WORX Landroid Robotic Lawn Mower in the garden

It’s a little more expensive than your typical lawnmower at just under $1000, but considering that it takes over your lawn cutting duties for you that’s actually pretty reasonable.

Robomow RS622

Another great option in the robot lawn mower category is the Robomow RS622.

This is one of the best robot lawn mowers when it comes to handling hills – it can continue to cut on hills up to 36 degrees.

It is one of the more expensive models on the market at just under $2000, but it will also cut a lawn up to ½ an acre.

Robomow RS622 Battery Operated Lawn Mower

If you’re worried about the potential for your expensive new robot lawn mower getting bogged down in wet grass, you can relax.

This mower has built in rain sensors that direct it to return to its base when it senses moisture in the air.

You can choose to override this feature if you prefer and have the mower continue to cut in the rain.

Perhaps the coolest feature of this mower is that it’s capable of working with multiple zones.

It won’t get confused if you need it to operate in multiple different environments. It simply figures out its surroundings and keeps on going.

There have been one or two complaints that it can create some patchiness, but for the most part people that have bought this mower seem quite satisfied with it.


  • Works on hills up to 36 degrees
  • Cuts up to ½ an acre on one charge
  • Built in rain sensors
  • You can override the rain sensors if you wish
  • Works in multiple zones


  • More expensive than other robot lawnmowers
  • Some have complained about patchy lawn cutting

Overall the Robowmow RS622 is one of the best robotic lawn mowers on the market.

It is a little bit more expensive than other options, but it’s also capable of cutting up to ½ an acre on one charge which exceeds the industry standard.

If you don’t mind paying a little extra for a quality product, this should definitely be on your radar.

Husqvarna 220 AC

It came as no surprise to find out that Husqvarna has an entry in the robot lawn mower category.

The 220 AC is a well-crafted machine that cuts a lawn evenly and efficiently with its 3 blade system.

It does come with one of the highest price tags of any robot lawn mower at well over $2000, which may seem a little high.

When you’re spending over $2000 on a yard tool you would expect it to have a pretty good warranty, but surprisingly this one only comes with a 2 year warranty.

Husqvarna 220 AC Cordless Electric Robotic Automower

This robot lawn mower does cover a lot of ground though. It’s capable of cutting up to ½ an acre of grass in one session, or running for about 45 minutes before it needs to recharge.

The best part is that it will recharge automatically, so you don’t have to worry about that either.

The Husqvarna 220 AC is also equipped with an easy height adjustment option which lets you tailor it to your specific lawn and terrain.

If that terrain also happens to include a couple of hills as well they won’t slow you down, as this mower can continue with its task on lawns with inclines up to 35%.


  • Three blade system
  • Cuts up to ½ an acre in one session
  • Lasts 45 minutes on one charge
  • Resumes cutting where it left off after charge
  • Easy height adjustment
  • Works on hills, up to 35% incline


  • One of the more expensive models on the market
  • Only offers a two year warranty

The Husqvarna 220 AC is one of the best options in our robotic lawn mower reviews, but it’s also got a pretty hefty price tag.

If that doesn’t pose a serious problem for you then this is definitely one to consider. It cuts cleanly, its long lasting, and it works on hilly terrain.

LV-Robot 200m

The LV-Robot is a capable cutting machine that will change the way you view lawn cutting duties.

It’s fully automatic and you can program it to a schedule that suits your own needs.

Like most robotic lawn mowers it’s not the most affordable lawn cutting option though, this one typically retails for just under $2000.

That’s a tough pill to swallow when you consider its expected useful life is only about five years.

LV-Robot 200m Virutal Wire/Robot Mower

There’s some pretty cool tech in this little robot. Instead of relying on traditional bumpers when coming into contact with obstacles in its way, this machine uses ultrasonic wave sensors to detect and avoid anything in its way.

It’s also quite good on an incline – it will carry on cutting on inclines up to 30 degrees.

If you’re worried about theft you’re probably not alone. A robot lawn mower is an expensive piece of technology and could potentially attract some unwanted attention.

In order to deter thieves this model is equipped with anti-theft technology, including the ability to add a pin that needs to be entered before this mower will run.


  • Make your own schedule
  • Avoid obstacles with ultrasonic wave sensor technology
  • Cuts on inclines up to 30 degrees
  • Anti-theft technology including pin


  • Relatively expensive
  • Short shelf life of about 5 years

The LV-Robot 200m is a top quality robotic lawn mower.

The ultrasonic wave sensors for avoiding obstacles are impressive and so is its ability to work on inclines of up to 30 degrees.

It’s also comforting to know that it has built-in theft protection technology as well.

LawnBott LB1500 SpyderEVO

While all of the robotic lawn mowers reviewed on this page will revolutionize the way you approach lawn cutting, the Lawnbott LB1500 is missing a couple of features that you’ll find in other models on this page.

It does not have a built-in rain sensor, although this is not the end of the world as it is completely waterproof.

The other concern I have with this mower is that it is not equipped to handle multiple zones, so if you want to move it from the front yard to the side yard you’ll have to do it manually yourself.

What this Lawnbott mower does do well is the act of cutting your lawn.

The end result is a very clean cut that produces very fine clippings that can simply be left on the lawn as a form of fertilizer.

It also does a good job on hills – it barely misses a beat on inclines of up to 30 degreees.

You’ll typically get about an hour’s cutting time from this mower on each charge, but the charging station is optional which was a bit of a surprise for a product that costs close to $2000.

Most other robotic lawn mowers include the charging station as part of the package, so this is definitely a bit of a strange omission.


  • Cuts lawn evenly
  • Creates fine clippings that fertilize your lawn
  • Works on inclines up to 30 degrees
  • Will run up to one hour on one charge


  • No built-in rain sensors
  • Doesn’t work in multiple zones
  • Charging station is an extra option

The Lawnbott LB1500 SpyderEVO is without a doubt a good mower, but the fact that it doesn’t have built-in rain sensors and that the charging station is an optional purchase is a bit of a surprise.

This is even more puzzling when you consider that it’s price tag is similar to other models on this page that do include these features.

The main saving grace for this robot mower is that it cuts the grass better than most of its competitors.

DLPJ Auto Mower

DLPJ may not be a household name when it comes to lawn mowers, but it’s a name you should pay close attention to.

This mower has all the features that the best mowers in this category have and it’s priced competitively as well.

The ability to control it remotely with an app on your smartphone has to be one of its standout options.

Rain is not a problem for this mower either. It’s completely waterproof and it’s designed to return to its charging station when it senses rain anyway.

You can use the remote control feature we mentioned above if you like to override it and keep cutting, but it’s really not necessary as the DLPJ Auto Mower will resume its cutting duties as soon as the rain stops.

The other thing that makes this mower a little better than some other options in this category is the power and precision with which it cuts.

It’s able to cut an area up to 4300 square feet on one charge and it uses a four blade cutting system to leave a nice clean cut behind.

Best of all it does all of this without any damage to the environment as it runs on lithium ion batteries, so it produces zero emissions.


  • Includes remote control app for your smartphone
  • Completely waterproof
  • Returns to charger automatically when it rains
  • Cuts up to 4300 square feet
  • Four blade cutting system


  • Relatively expensive

All of us have our favorites when it comes to technology and as far as robot lawn mowers are concerned the DLPJ Auto Mower is one of mine.

This mower may not have a household name, but it’s packed full of features to make your life a lot easier.

I was particularly impressed with its remote control app and its powerful cutting capabilities. It’s also quite competitively priced for a robot lawn mower.

It’s a great choice if you’re serious about making the switch to a robot lawn mower.

Some Final Thoughts

Making the change to a robotic lawn mower might have seemed a little farfetched just a couple of years ago, but as more competition enters the market prices are coming down and it’s becoming more attainable for the average consumer.

I mean, who doesn’t want to have a robot take over the lawn cutting duties for them right?

There are a lot of choices out there and we’ve outlined some of the best ones on this page.

If you’re serious about making the switch to a robotic lawn mower there are some particular features you should be looking for and we’ve pointed these out in our reviews.

To sum things up you should be looking for a mower that:

  • can run on a schedule set by you,
  • knows when to get out of the rain,
  • having a remote control is a nice option as well.

You should also take a close look at how well a model does on inclines as this can be a significant hurdle if you choose the wrong mower.

We like all of the robotic lawn mowers on this page, but if we were to pick one model as our sleeper pick it would have to be the DLPJ Auto Mower.

This is a competitively priced mower, with all of the features you’re looking for. It might not be a household name, but it probably will be in the near future.

There are other choices available, but these are our best picks.

If you want to take a closer look at any individual mower simply follow its link on this page.

A robot lawn mower is a significant investment, but its ability to free up your time makes the price tag worth it.

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