Top 10 Best Lawn Mowers Under $300 for 2024

Now that spring is in full bloom and summer’s nearing its important to have a reliable lawn mower. There’s nothing more frustrating than getting half way through a cut and having your mower sputter to a stop.

best lawn mowers under 300 dollars

Not to worry though, we’ve put together our list of the best lawn mowers you can buy for under $300. Below you’ll find comprehensive reviews on our top 10 picks in this category.

Top 10 Best Lawn Mowers Under $300

Here are the 10 best lawn mowers under $300:

  1. Husqvarna LC121P
  2. Greenworks G-MAX 25322
  3. Sun Joe MJ401E-PRO
  4. Worx WG744
  5. Lawn-Boy 17730
  6. Craftsman M215
  7. Yard Machines 12A-A0M5700
  8. Power Smart DB2194P
  9. Black+Decker CM2043C
  10. Poulan Pro PR500Y22P

Husqvarna LC121P

No product review article would be complete without picking the top dog and when it comes to this category, the Husqvarna LC121P is our choice for best mower under $300.

This is a powerful machine with all of the features consumers are looking for in a mower. It will do the job on small lawns and it’s more than up to the task for large ones as well.

The LC121P’s 163cc Briggs &Stratton engine gives you all of the power you need. There are 9 different height positions to choose from and it’s easily adjustable. It may be a little heavier than some other models in this category, but the 11-inch rear wheels make it still one of the most maneuverable.

It also has a 21-inch cutting deck and foldable handles for easy storage. Did we mention that it has nice comfort grip handles as well?

There are those that disagree with our positive opinion of this mower though. Critics point out that the height adjustment feature isn’t easy to use and doesn’t lock into position well. They also question its overall quality and durability.

Husqvarna LC121P Lawn Mower
  • 163cc engine.
  • 9 different height positions to choose from.
  • 11-inch rear wheels for maneuverability.
  • 21-inch cutting deck.
  • Foldable handles for storage.
  • Height adjustment feature can be difficult to operate.
  • Questions about overall durability.

The Husqvarna LC121P has its critics, but overall the positives far outweigh the negatives. That’s why this is easily our top choice for mowers under $300.

Greenworks G-MAX 25322

The Greenworks G-MAX 40V 16-inch (25322 model) cordless mower is one of the best battery powered lawn mowers under $300. It’s packed full of great features and currently retails for around $270. For that price, it has a surprising amount of cutting power.

The mower uses a 40-volt battery to provide its power and the rechargeable battery is included with your purchase. You can adjust the cutting height between 1-1/4 inches and 3-3/8 inches and the cutting deck clears a 16-inch path with each pass.

Like all battery-powered mowers, it’s relatively quiet and maintenance free. It isn’t self-propelled though, so if that’s an important requirement for you personally, you may want to consider one of the other models on this page.

This Greenworks mower also comes equipped with a rear-mounted bag for grass collection and it does have mulching capability. It weighs in at less than 40 lbs, making it easy to maneuver.

What some customers don’t like about this mower is its lasting power. It will hold a charge long enough for small to medium sized lawns, but if you have a large yard, it doesn’t last long enough.

Greenworks 25322 G-MAX 40V Cordless Lawn Mower
  • Powerful 40V battery included.
  • Rear discharge collection bag.
  • Adjustable height.
  • Lightweight and quiet.
  • Not self-propelled.
  • Battery charge not ideal for large yards.

If you have a small to medium sized lawn, this Greenworks machine is one of the best lawn mowers under 300 dollars. Its lightweight, affordable, and it’s environmentally friendly as an added bonus.

Sun Joe MJ401E-PRO

If you’re looking for a corded electric mower at a reasonable price the Sun Joe MJ401E-PRO is a no nonsense machine that gets the job done. This is a basic reliable mower. It’s best for small cutting areas making it ideal for town houses.

This Sun Joe model has a decent 13-amp motor, but the cutting path is only about 14 inches, so it’s really not ideal if you have a lot of grass to cut. It does come with a side discharge collection bag though, which is a nice inclusion. Also, you can choose from 3 different cutting heights.

Where this mower falls short, aside from the small cutting deck and lower amperage we’ve already mentioned, is in its durability. It isn’t built to be used on rough terrain and uneven yards. If you have a small flat lawn you’ll be just fine, but otherwise it’s best to choose one of the other great choices reviewed in this article.

Sun Joe MJ401E-PRO Electric Lawn Mower
  • Environmentally clean corded electric mower.
  • Side discharge bag included.
  • 13-amp motor not ideal for larger jobs.
  • Small 14-inch cutting path.

The Sun Joe MJ401E-PRO is a decent mower for smaller lawns. It’s not the most powerful available and it has a relatively small cutting deck, so if you have a larger lawn it’s not ideal. It’s a good option as a starter mower or for small yards.

Worx WG744

When it comes to battery powered lawn mowers the Worx WG744 is easily our favorite choice under $300. This is a great mower with plenty of extra features.

The WG744 has a powerful 40V battery, which is included, and it charges quickly. It has a respectable 17-inch cutting deck and the rear discharge bag comes with it as well.

What really separates this product from other mowers in its category are the extras. It includes Intellicut technology, that gives you extra jump when needed, but you can also save battery power when it isn’t. The discharge bag is also equipped with a full indicator light.

This mower has some issues though. Like all battery powered models it won’t hold a charge long enough for larger cutting areas and it isn’t as durable as we would like.

Worx WG744 Cordless Lawn Mower
  • Powerful 40V battery.
  • Rear discharge bag with full indicator.
  • Intellicut technology for power conservation.
  • 17-inch cutting deck.
  • Charge won’t last long enough for large lawns.
  • Durability is less than ideal.

The Worx WG744 is at the top of the class for battery powered lawn mowers under $300. Like any other mower in this category, you can only get so far on one charge. That isn’t a major fault of this model, just a limitation of the technology.

Lawn-Boy 17730

For large lawns, there really is no substitute for a good gas powered lawn mower. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider the impact on the environment when you make a purchase, so the fact that the Lawn-Boy 17730 is CARB compliant for the state of California, which has some of the strictest environmental protection laws around, should be a great comfort.

This mower has some great features. It’s equipped with a Kohler 149cc engine and it has an impressive 21-inch wide cutting deck. Its high rear wheel design also makes it easier to maneuver. Other features include adjustable cutting height and a competitive 2-year warranty.

There are good reasons why we’re hesitant to rank this as one of the best gas powered mowers under $300 though. The self-propelled feature on this mower is unreliable, making it difficult to maneuver if you have any kind of physical limitations. Parts also have a reputation for wearing out relatively quickly.

Lawn-Boy 17730 Lawn Mower
  • Good power at 149cc’s.
  • California CARB compliant.
  • 21-inch cutting deck.
  • 2-year warranty.
  • Self-propelled feature is unreliable.
  • Parts wear out relatively quickly.

If you’re looking for an affordable short-term solution, the Lawn-Boy 17730 is a good choice. It has a relatively powerful 149cc engine and a large 21-inch cutting deck. If a mower that’s self-propelled is something that you have your heart set on though, you may be disappointed with this model. The feature is included, but it’s unreliable.

Craftsman M215

Craftsman has long been a respected brand in the lawn mower industry. They have a reputation for quality and the M215 is their latest option in the under $300 category of gas powered mowers.

This mower has some great features. It’s equipped with one of the most powerful engines in this category at 159 cc’s. It’s also a self-propelled model, which comes in handy for those uneven larger lawns.

The M215 has a unique auto-choke feature that you don’t find on many mowers priced under $300. It also has a 21-inch cutting deck and the collection bag is included.

There are some areas where the performance of this mower can come into question though. The durability of this Craftsman model isn’t as good as you would expect – it doesn’t hold up well to added abuse.

Craftsman M215 Gas Powered Lawn Mower
  • Powerful 159 cc engine.
  • Self-propelled.
  • 21-inch cutting deck.
  • Auto choke feature.
  • Collection bag included.
  • Not very durable.
  • Quite heavy at about 85 lbs.

The Craftsman M215 is a good lawn mower, but it isn’t the best gas lawn mower under $300. It falls short in terms of its durability and its added weight.

Yard Machines 12A-A0M5700

Yard Machines may not be the most recognizable name in the lawn mower industry, but they do have a great entry in the under $300 category. The 12A-A0M5700 is a popular mower and for good reason, it’s a powerful little machine.

This Yard Machines mower has a great 159cc engine and it is self-propelled. It’s lighter than a lot of other similar gas powered mowers as well at just around 72 pounds.

This is a side discharge mower, with adjustable height and a 21-inch cutting deck. It doesn’t overwhelm with bells and whistles, but it has all of the main features most users are looking for.

The biggest complaint most critics have about this mower is the level of quality of the parts. Other issues include difficulty getting it started at times and difficulty on hills.

Yard Machines 12A-A0M5700 Gas Lawn Mower
  • 159cc engine.
  • Self-propelled.
  • Weights just around 72 pounds.
  • Adjustable height.
  • Doesn’t always start reliably.
  • Not ideal on hills.

The Yard Machines 12A-A0M5700 is a good choice for a gas-powered mower under $300. It’s not packed with many extras, but it has a powerful 159cc engine and it is self-propelled. It does have its critics, but most consumers have had positive experiences with this mower.

Power Smart DB2194P

Our sleeper choice for best gas lawn mower under $300 is the Power Smart DB2194P. This mower may not be a household name, but it should be. It retails for just around $200 and you get a lot for such a small price tag.

The DB2194P has one of the most powerful gas powered engines you’ll find at this price point at 161cc’s. That’s a lot of cutting power and it’s still a lightweight mower for this category.

Other great features on this model include a 21-inch cutting deck, 5 different cutting heights to choose from and 8-inch rear wheels for easier maneuvering.

There are some drawbacks though. For one, this mower is not California CARB compliant, meaning it’s not the best for the environment. Also, the handle is not foldable so it may not be the best choice if you have limited storage options.

Power Smart DB2194P Gas Push Lawn Mower
  • Powerful 161cc engine.
  • 21-inch cutting deck.
  • 5 different cutting heights.
  • 8-inch rear wheels for maneuverability.
  • Not CARB compliant.
  • Handle does not fold for easy storage.

There aren’t many negative things to say about the Power Smart DB2194P. This is easily one of the best push mowers under $300. It’s a powerful and reliable machine. If they made it CARB compliant and easily storable, we would have no hesitation placing this model at the front of the pack.

Black+Decker CM2043C

Black+Decker is a household name in the battery powered yard equipment category and that’s why no lawn mower review article would be complete without a look at one of their popular machines. The CM2043C is our choice to make this list. It’s a great mower and one of the best battery powered lawn mowers at any price point.

What we really like about this mower is that it comes with not 1, but 2 Lithium ion batteries. That means you can charge one while you’re using the mower and quickly change over when your charge runs out. It also makes this machine a lot more versatile than others in the battery powered category.

It has a decent 20-inch cutting deck and a grass collection bag is included. All of this comes with an industry leading 3-year warranty.

Some critics aren’t impressed with the two batteries. They point out that the charge doesn’t last very long on either battery. Others complain that the cutting quality isn’t the best.

Black+Decker CM2043C Cordless Lawn Mower
  • Includes 2 Lithium ion batteries.
  • 20-inch cutting deck.
  • Grass collection bag included.
  • 3-year warranty.
  • Batteries may not last as long as advertised.
  • Cutting quality doesn’t always live up to expectations.

While there are some critics of the Black+Decker CM2043C’s ability to keep a charge, most consumers seem satisfied with its lasting power. The fact that it comes with two batteries also makes it easier to overlook this complaint. Overall, this is a great lawn mower at a great price.

Poulan Pro PR500Y22P

The Poulan Pro PR500Y22P is a good mower at an attractive price, currently retailing for around $240. This is a gas powered mower with a reputation for reliability with some decent features. If you’re on a budget, this mower is definitely worth consideration.

It’s equipped with a 140cc Briggs & Stratton engine, which is more than enough power for most homeowner’s needs. It has power assisted front wheels to make the job easier and an impressive 22-inch cutting deck for cutting a large area with each pass.

The biggest criticism of this mower is its lack of durability. The parts tend to wear out quickly and some customers have noted difficulty when using this mower on rough terrain. For relatively flat lawns it’s fine, but for bigger challenges you may want to consider other options.

Poulan Pro PR500Y22P Walk Behind Push Mower
  • Good 140cc Briggs & Stratton engine.
  • Wide 22-inch cutting deck.
  • 2-year warranty.
  • Not very durable.
  • Poor performance on rough terrain.

The Poulan Pro PR500Y22P is a good mower if your lawn is on the small side and you don’t have a lot of hills or rough terrain to deal with. If you do have a larger lawn, you’d be better off with one of the other mowers on this list.

Final Thoughts

All or the mowers we’ve reviewed above represent a good bargain for under $300.

While battery powered mowers have come a long way, it’s still hard to argue that they can replace a reliable gas mower in many situations. That’s why the gas powered Husqvarna LC121P was our clear winner in the best lawn mower under $300 category.

Whatever your preference, you’ll find something to fit your needs in our reviews.