The 10 Best Corded Electric Pole Saws 2020

The 10 Best Corded Electric Pole Saws 2020

best corded electric pole saws

Finding the best corded electric pole saw in today’s crowded marketplace can be a major challenge. Understanding the various available features is a good starting point, but you will probably want to consider price in your decision as well.

We’ve done most of the homework for you in our corded electric pole saw reviews. We start with our pick for the best available corded electric pole saw on the market today.

Top 10 Best Corded Electric Pole Saw Reviews 2020

Here are the best corded electric pole saws 2020:

  1. Scotts PS45010S
  2. Sun Joe SWJ807E
  3. Sun Joe SWJ803E
  4. Sun Joe SWJ800E
  5. Black+Decker PP610
  6. Worx WG309
  7. Remington RM1025SPS Ranger
  8. Remington RM1035P Ranger II
  9. Earthwise CVPS43010
  10. Ryobi RY43160

1. Scotts PS45010S

Our pick for the best corded-electric pole saw in 2020 is the Scotts PS45010S pole saw. With a purchase price around $75, this machine is a great value purchase as well.

An 8-amp motor powers it and that is more than enough power for standard household use. If you have an available outlet within reach of the trees you need pruned, a corded pole saw like this will allow you an almost unlimited amount of cuts.

This saw has a 9.5 foot bar when fully extended, giving the user around 15 feet of reach, depending on their height. With an automatic oiling system and a tool-free tension adjustment feature, this pole saw is user friendly and a great addition to your outdoor tool shed.

It’s not perfect though. You are of course limited by how far your extension cord will take you and we don’t like that you have to disengage the safety just to get at the trigger.

  • Competitive price.
  • Powerful 8-amp motor.
  • 9.5 foot extendable pole for up to 15 foot reach.
  • Automatic oiling system.
  • Tool-free tension adjustment.
  • You’re limited by the cord.
  • Safety engaged trigger is awkward.

We like this Scott’s Pole saw although the cord limits you, but that applies to all corded pole saws. It has more than enough power, with an 8-amp motor and great reach at up to 15 feet.

2. Sun Joe SWJ807E

Sun Joe offer a number of corded pole saws to choose from. We took a close look at the Sun Joe SWJ807E and for the most part, we liked what we saw. It’s priced competitively around $90 and it has some great features. This machine uses an 8-amp motor and that’s good enough to power through branches several inches thick.

One of the best features of this machine is that it has a 2-in-1 function. That means you can use it as a pole saw, or as a standalone chainsaw. It’s nice to have that versatility and it saves you purchasing a separate chainsaw. The SWJ807E is also equipped with an automatic oiling feature and a window so you can see when the oil needs refilled.

Our biggest criticism of this pole saw is that it tends to leak oil when you store it. That can make a mess of your garage. It can also feel a bit unstable when you have the pole fully extended.

  • Competitively priced.
  • 8-amp motor.
  • 2 in 1 functionality.
  • Automatic oiling with window gauge.
  • Leaks when stored.
  • Unstable when pole’s fully extended.

The Sun Joe SWJ807E is a high-quality pole saw with some nice features. We really liked the automatic oiling feature with a window gauge. It has enough power with its 8-amp motor and we like the length of the pole at almost 9 feet. The biggest drawback is the oil that leaks out of the machine when it’s stored – it can be quite messy.

3. Sun Joe SWJ803E

The Sun Joe SWJ803E is one of the best electric pole chainsaws on the market in 2020. It retails for under $100 and comes with many features for that price. An 8-amp motor powers it and the chain rotates at about 6000 RPM, giving it plenty of cutting power.

The telescoping bar adjusts between 5.8 and 8.8 feet, giving it a maximum reach of about 14 feet, depending on the height of the user. The standout feature of this pole saw is the ability to adjust the angle of the saw. This makes it easier to work in difficult spots. It also has an automatic lubrication system.

The biggest complaint we have with this machine is that the chain has a tendency to loosen quickly, requiring constant adjustments. This saw also has difficulty with cutting thicker branches.

  • Retails under $100.
  • 8-amp motor.
  • Adjustable bar.
  • Can adjust the angle.
  • Automatic lubrication system.
  • Chain loosens easily.
  • Struggles with large branches.

For basic pruning, the Sun Joe SWJ803E does a nice job. It has good reach and the ability to adjust the angle of the saw is a nice feature. It is concerning that the chain loosens easily with use and that’s the main reason this saw doesn’t rate at the top of our list.

4. Sun Joe SWJ800E

The Sun Joe SWJ800E is our choice for best value pole chainsaw for 2020. This model retails for around $70, but it still has all of the main features you’d expect. The motor that powers it is a little smaller than some of its competitors at 6.5-amps, but that won’t make a major difference for home trimming jobs. The chain rotates at 6000 RPMS and that helps.

This machine comes with a telescoping pole that can extend to a maximum of 8.7 feet, giving the user up to 15 feet of reach. It also has an automatic lubrication system to keep the chain running smoothly. Sun Joe backs up this product with a 2-year warranty.

What we don’t like about this machine is that it can leak oil when not being used. With the small amp motor, you’ll have trouble cutting through the thickest branches.

  • Great price.
  • Up to 15 foot reach.
  • Automatic lubrication system.
  • 2-year warranty.
  • Small 6.5-amp motor.
  • Leaks oil.

If you’re looking for a decent pole saw at a discounted price the Sun Joe SWJ800E definitely qualifies. It has a competitive 15-foot reach and an automatic lubrication system. The engine isn’t very powerful though, so you may want to choose a different product if you have thick branches to deal with.

5. Black+Decker PP610

The Black+Decker PP610 is another bargain option in the pole saw category. The 6.5-amp motor is a bit of a disappointment, but it still provides enough power for basic trimming jobs.

One of the best features of this pole saw is its 9.5-foot extendable pole. That gives you enough reach to tackle those hard to reach spots. Combine that with its automatic oiling system and you have the components of a nice little machine. It’s also lightweight at just 7.9 lbs.

Our main concern with this saw is that the chain does loosen a little too easily.

  • 9.5 foot extendable pole.
  • Automatic oiling system.
  • Lightweight design – 7.9 lbs.
  • Unimpressive 6.5-amp motor.
  • Chain loosens easily.

The Black+Decker PP610 is a good machine for around $100. The 9.5 pole is one of the longest on the market and it does have an automatic oiling system. We would have preferred a motor with a little more kick though and the chain is a concern.

6. Worx WG309

The Worx WG309 is one of the highest-rated pole chain saws for good reason. It’s competitively priced under $80 and it has a powerful 8-amp motor. This 2-in-1 machine doubles as a pole saw or as a standalone chainsaw. It’s one of the more popular models under $100.

There are a few other good reasons we like this machine. It has an 8-foot pole, which isn’t the longest on the market, but it’s enough for most jobs. The saw has an automatic lubrication system and an auto tension system as well. You can fill the lubrication tank with 120 ml and that will keep your saw humming through the tough jobs.

We weren’t entirely convinced with the build quality of this saw though, it’s mostly plastic and not overly durable. This saw is also a little on the heavy side at 10 pounds.

  • Powerful 8-amp motor.
  • Priced under $80.
  • 2-in-1 design.
  • Automatic lubrication and tension systems.
  • Pole is only 8 feet.
  • Poor build quality.
  • On the heavy side at 10 pounds.

For a saw under $80, the Work WG309 is a good product. We like the 2-in-1 option and the automatic tension and lubrication. The build quality could be better though and 10 pounds is too heavy for a pole saw.

7. Remington RM1025SPS Ranger

Anyone looking for a pole saw with a few extra bells and whistles will be pleasantly surprised with the Remington RM1025SPS Ranger. An 8-amp motor powers this machine and it’s priced well under $100. The sleek design is pleasing on the eye as well.

This is a 2-in-1 pole saw, so you can convert it to a standard chainsaw if you want to cut a few logs on the ground. When it is time to reach for the higher branches, they’ve got you covered as well.

This saw has a boom that extends up to 10 feet, giving the user a 15-foot reach. It also has a comfort grip handle, an anti-rotation pole and it has flip and lock clamps to adjust the pole.

It does have an issue with leaking oil when not in use though and the trigger sticks or jams occasionally.

  • Good 8-amp motor.
  • Competitive price.
  • 2-in-1 functionality.
  • 10 foot extendable boom.
  • Comfort grip handle.
  • Anti-rotation pole and flip and lock clamps.
  • Oil leaks from chain when not in use.
  • Trigger may jam on occasion.

The Remington RM1025SPS is one of the best corded pole saws available. The 10-foot extendable boom with comfort grip is a nice design feature. We also like the anti-rotation feature. Oil leaking from the chain when it’s not in use is a problem though. It’s also hard to overlook the tendency for the trigger to jam on occasion.

8. Remington RM1035P Ranger II

The Remington RM1035P Ranger II is one of our favorite pole saws. This is a machine packed with several great features and the manufacturer still tagged a retail price under $100 on this model. An 8-amp motor gives it plenty of zip in most situations.

It has an easy to use 2-in-1 design that allows you to change from a pole saw to a standard saw. The shaft can be extended from 10 feet for up to 15 feet of reach and it has flip and lock clamps to lock it in place.

On the saw head there’s a branch hook for dealing with any limbs that get hung up. It also has a non-slip grip and an anti-rotation shaft.

We should mention that the chain does leak when not in use though and it does require a tool to adjust the tension.

  • 8-amp motor.
  • Priced under $100.
  • 2-in-1 functionality.
  • Extendable 10 foot shaft.
  • Flip and lock clamps.
  • Branch hook on chain.
  • Non-slip grip and anti-rotation shaft.
  • Chain leaks when not in use.
  • Requires a tool to adjust the tension.

We like this pole saw. The extra little features such as the anti-rotation shaft and branch hook on the chain give it an edge on much of its competition. If it wasn’t for the problem with the chain leaking when not in use and the lack of an auto tension tool, it would be in contention for our top pick.

9. Earthwise CVPS43010

Earthwise has a growing reputation in the outdoor power equipment segment so we’re not surprised that one of their pole saws made our list of best corded pole saws. The 7-amp motor isn’t the most powerful, but it offers enough power for most jobs. You can purchase this saw for around $80.

It can easily convert to a standard chainsaw in a matter of seconds. Unfortunately, the pole only extends to about 8 feet and that’s a little shorter than some of its main competitors.

The adjustable pivot head allows the user to choose from 1 of 5 different angles. When you consider that this Earthwise pole saw also has an automatic lubrication system and a tool-free tension adjustment feature, you have to consider it a competitive choice in the market.

The only other issue with this machine is that the chain tension bolt can work loose with use.

  • Competitively priced.
  • Converts from pole saw to standard chainsaw.
  • Adjustable pivot head.
  • Automatic lubrication.
  • Tool-free tension adjustment.
  • 7-amp motor.
  • Only an 8 foot pole.
  • Chain tension bolt may loosen with use.

The Earthwise CVPS43010 pole saw is one of the better products available in the corded pole saw category. We like the adjustable pivot head and the ability to switch between a pole saw and a standard chainsaw. It would rate higher if it had a more powerful motor and if it was equipped with a longer pole.

10. Ryobi RY43160

The Ryobi RY43160 provides enough power and plenty of finesse. The 6-amp motor isn’t as good as other machines in the corded pole saw category today, but it’s a well-designed product overall. It is a little bit more expensive than some of its competitors, but it still retails for under $100.

The pole is extendable up to 9 feet giving the user plenty of reach. It also has an automatic lubrication system and a tool-free tension control system. It weighs in at about 8.5 pounds and that’s manageable for most adults.

One other thing that does concern us with this machine is that the chain needs frequent adjustments.

  • Pole extends up to 9 feet.
  • Automatic lubrication system.
  • Tool-free tension system.
  • Weighs just 8.5 pounds.
  • 6-amp motor.
  • Chain requires frequent adjustments.

The Ryobi RY43160 is a good pole saw. It’s relatively lightweight at 8.5 pounds and it’s equipped with an automatic lubrication system and a tool-free tension system. We’d like to see a more powerful motor though – 6-amps isn’t enough power for those thicker branches. The need for constant adjustments to the chain is also an issue.


The Scotts PS45010S is our clear winner as the best-corded electric pole saw on the market. That doesn’t mean there aren’t a ton of other great options. The best choices have automatic lubrication systems, automatic tension systems and they have great reach.

Most of the products we’ve reviewed meet these requirements and any one of them would make a great purchase.

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